International Student Enrollment

Non-US citizens receiving training in the United States generally need a student visa.  The purpose of your visit to the United States determines what visa you will need. If you are traveling to the United States solely for flight training, you are considered a student, and you will need a student visa. Please contact the US embassy  in your home country, your local US consulate, or the  Department of State to determine what kind of visa you will need for your trip. Begin planning for your arrival and stay in Florida well in advance. Some U.S. embassies have wait times of a couple of weeks to apply for a visa interview. The visa requirements sound a lot worse than they actually are. But don’t worry–the visa application process is simpler than it sounds. Along with your training application, we will send a detailed description how to apply for an I-20 form and obtain your M1 student visa.

12 Easy Steps to Get Started

Step 1 - Enrollment Application
Fill out our Enrollment Application.


Step 2 - Passport

Provide us with a digital copy of your government issued passport and other enrollment documentation and  email them to:

Step 3 - Training funds

We will provide you with estimated costs for the course and you’ll need to provide OFA with proof of sufficient funds for your training.  Please email proof of funds to:

Step 4 - Form I-20

Pay the $450 I-20 fee on our Flight Schedule Pro software with a credit card – this will require that we set up your account.

We will then issue you the M-1 Visa form (I-20)

1. You will receive a signed digital advance e-mail copy with the SEVIS “N” number so that you can start the next step
2. We will send the original (signed) copy to your address by overnight express courier

Step 5 - Sevis Fee

Pay the SEVIS I-901 fee of $200 on the SEVIS website. You will need the SEVIS I-20 “N” number to do this.

Step 6 - Form DS-160
Step 7 - Make Interview Appointment
Step 8 - Visa Photo

Have 2 passport-type photographs taken for your visa.
You cannot use regular photos. Please check the requirements here.

Step 9 - Interview

You will need to attend (in person) the interview at the U.S. embassy or consulate.

Step 10 - M1 Visa

The embassy/consulate will hold your passport (typically 3-4 days) and will insert a full page M-1 student visa.  NOTE – May sure that your passport has at least 1.5 years before it expires, and at least 6 ‘blank’ pages.  The visa will be placed in your passport and either can be picked up or mailed to your home address.

The procedures and requirements for M1 Student Visa issuance does vary by country.  Please check with your local U.S. Embassy or Consulate what are the requirements and procedures are for you.

Step 11 - TSA application

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires that as a prerequisite to flight training, non-US citizens must provide personal information, documentation and specific training requests prior to beginning flight training. Training may only commence following approval of your application, completion of fingerprinting (may be done upon arrival with a Certified Flight Instructor) and a payment of $130 to AFSP. This process may be completed prior to arriving in the States or if you are already in the country.

Before beginning the AFSP process, please go to:

Create an account.

You’ll need to submit 3 applications, one for Private Pilot, Instrument and Multi-Engine Commercial.

Course ID#: Private Pilot (10001), Instrument Rating (10002), Commercial Pilot (10003)

Airplane: For Private Pilot and Commercial Rating, use Piper PA-28-181 (Pilot 100i), and for Multi-Engine, use Tecnam P2006t.

Estimated Start Date: Enter a start and end date that approximates when you want to commence training and complete training. This can be an estimate, however; you will not be able to start before the commencement date. The TSA will automatically allow you to attend training for one full year in any course (not longer).

Once you have completed and submitted this application, the TSA will request that OFA validates you as a potential student. We will do so for those individuals who have previously contacted our flight school regarding their intentions either in person or by telephone.

The TSA will then send you instructions for the fingerprinting process. You will need to pay (via credit card) the $130 security threat assessment fee, and you will then receive an e-mail (once approved) that you may start training upon completion of completing the fingerprinting. Fingerprinting can be done after your arrival near our facility.

Once the TSA has acknowledged receipt of the required documentation and fees, OFA will be sent (via e-mail) a final document approving the student to begin training. Following completion of the above steps, OFA will contact you to set up the enrollment appointment and you will be eligible to begin flight training.

Please contact us by phone at +1(407)886-7612, or e-mail us if we may assist you in any way during this process. You may also contact AFSP help Desk at 571-227-1004 or They are very helpful and respond quickly to questions.

Commonly asked questions regarding information needed for student applicant on AFSP training request form:

State: FL
Provider Name: Orlando Flight Academy
Student Identification Number From School: leave blank
Course ID#: 10001, 10002, 10003
Class Name: Type of license training for (i.e. – Private Pilot Airplane)
Category: 3
Aircraft Type:
Airplane- Piper Pilot PA-28-181 and / or Tecnam P2006t

AFSP Contact number (571) 227-1004

Step 12 - Schedule arrival date with us

You will need to make your initial training deposit with us and arrange for your date of arrival into the country.  The initial deposit must be made by wire transfer and received prior to entering the country.  For wire instruction please download our wire instructions document.

Wire Instructions


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